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MBC 2017

October 9 & 10 – Kansas City, MO

The 2017 Conference is planned for October 9 -10 2017 just outside Kansas City, MO.

It will be held at Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center, 18011 Bass Pro Drive, Independence, MO 64055

The ‘Why’ Of The Mennonite Business Conference

As the MBC has grown, we felt it might be helpful to provide an inner glimpse of our truest ‘why’ of the Mennonite Business Conference and what makes it so important to our futures.
And really it’s quite simple.

As people, we engage each other on various levels throughout our lives. To sum it up briefly, there are five main categories, or you could call them circles, that nearly all relationships fall into.
These five categories or circles of relationships, with a brief explanation, are as follows:

  1. Spiritual and Religious Relations – Very much intertwined for us.
  2. Physical and Emotional Relations – Physical touch, involving acts of affection and kindness, commonly referred to as Love.
  3. Family Relations – Includes but not exclusive to blood relation. Also, includes support groups or those with whom we have a family-like connection.
  4. Social Relations – Peer groups, friends.
  5. Business Relations – Includes career and occupation.


Many people engage each other on a daily basis in more than one category. Engaging in multiple categories or circles of the five relationships can lead to overall more meaningful relationships between us.

An excellent example of this is a business associate who becomes a friend. As just a business associate, the two of you shared only one thing in common – business. However, as the years progressed you learned to know more about each other’s lives, became friends and today you not only consider him a business associate but also a close friend.

As our Church grows in number and we continue to diversify our careers and businesses, we believe that engaging each other on the Business Relations level not only adds to the unity we already have but also allows us to further strengthen and support one another.

Looking into the future, it would seem possible that the MBC could also serve as a platform to help shine the light for future generations of young business owners seeking advice and counsel. Not because of the conference itself but rather because of relationships formed as a result of the conference.

Which is why the Mennonite Business Conference was created; to provide a Christian setting to discuss business-related issues and solutions unique to our beliefs and to create new and lasting relationships.

Come see for yourself a meeting unlike any you’ve ever attended; where old friendships are rekindled, strangers part as friends and business is discussed in the light of our Christian beliefs.

Dennis Goossen 204-648-3031